Popular Wildlife National Parks in India

The excellence and wealth of the safari obviously rely upon the topographical location of the land. Given the climatic situation and land instance of North India wildlife tour, it is anything however a surprise to peer the first-range deal of natural lifestyle stops and fascinating safaris on the subject of this location.

Explain Here top Best Wildlife National parks

1. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is situated in Sawai Madhopur of Rajasthan, and widely recognized Read More

India Travel on a Budget – How to Make it Work

Many people around the world dream about visiting India because of its diverse landscapes, different traditions and cultures, spirituality, delicious foods, and so many colors; however, they either postpone the trip or sometimes even drop the idea due to budget constraints.

This blog is for all those travel lovers who want to visit India on a low budget.

India is among the most pocket – friendly travel destinations in the world. It is possible to explore the beauty, art, culture, Read More

When is The Best Time to Visit India?

best tour packages in india

India is a land of multi-linguistic people belonging to diverse religions, ethnicities, cultures, and regions. Every limb of the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh narrates a different story based on its rich heritage and traditions. It is the reason that many have emphasized time and again – “the uniqueness of India lies in its diversity.”

The history of India starts with the flourished Harappan Civilization, and it has been an attractive Read More

10 Affordable Holiday Places for a Visit to India

People looking for a quick escape from their day – to – day lives without putting too much pressure on their wallets should explore the soulful experience of vacationing in India. Affordable India tour packages provide an opportunity to witness the diverse geography, history, people and culture of India.

Here is a list of the best holiday destinations in India.

1. Delhi

 The capital of India, Delhi, is a cosmopolitan city with a blend of historic Old Delhi and the modern Read More

Shopping Attraction Markets In India

The colorful & vibrant markets of Jaipur will attract you and can make you go crazy. These markets show how colorful Rajasthan really is.  It is awe wonderful and attracts thousands of tourists around the world. When we travel somewhere the only thing we return with us are those memories that is captured in the photograph and souvenir that we buy from that place and makes us Read More

Popular Buddhist Monasteries and Sites in India

India is the land of different religions and Buddhism is one of the key religions of the world that talks about spiritual developments, meditation and philosophy. The prime goal of Buddhism is to get away from agony and the cycles of reincarnation and the attainment of nirvana. Several Buddhist temples and monasteries are situated at the different corners of the Read More

Hunt Your Interest of Adventure Destinations & Tours in India

Endowed with many mesmerizing destinations, India is an amazing country with full of opportunities to leave a remarkable impression on anybody who step in to this country. Amazing India is a tourist friendly destination in every aspect. Whether it is heritage, wildlife, pilgrimage or adventure, the country allow all interests of people to make their tour to this country.

India is rich in varied tropical regions and hence it offer great opportunity to the tourists looking for adventure tourism in India. From the Himalayan Mountains to dotting the famous national parks to wide seashore, the country offer different adventure activities for you to experience the utmost.

India is a country with no limitation of unsurpassed places for adventure activities studded with natural beauty. Be grateful to its mesmerizing landscape, climatic variation and rich biodiversity, all make it an ideal destination for every interest of tourists. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you should not waste time on making decision, just plan adventure holidays in India. Imperial India Tour will help you plan your adventure tour in India and you merely require your bold attitude. Some of the popular best adventure destinations & tours in India are recommended for you below:


With appeasing backdrop of the Himalayas, Manali offers a perfect assortment of tranquility and adventure to the adventure seekers. This is the place which allows you to do little more as you have decided. This magical place is surrounded through pine forests, apple orchards and the raging Beas River. All these make this place a destination with full of special energy. Manali is absolutely an adventure-seeker’s and nature-lover’s delight. The popular destinations that make Manali perfect for adventure include the Rohtang Pass. It enables you to go for paragliding in Solang Valley. A number of trekking trails enable you to relish trekking throughout the day. Other adventure activities that you can enjoy include water rafting, paragliding mountaineering, skiing and more.

Leh Laddakh

Leh Laddakh is a dry barren landscape with full of historic Buddhist monasteries. The regions of Leh Laddakh are perfect for nature and adventure lovers. Being an adventure enthusiast you can relish excellent hiking and trekking opportunities in and around Leh. You have flexibility to choose from long trekking trails, water rafting and highest motorable road. Riding Bactrian camles in the Nubra Valley is also made possible.


Goa is an unsurpassed alternative to the mountains for any adventure enthusiast looking for adventure and andrenaline in India. Water sports activity that you can relish includes water sports, go-karting, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, rafting hiking, banana boat ride, parasailing, Jet skiing, trekking and more. Crocodile tours, surfing and extreme sports are popular in Goa that you can learn and practice under professionals in Goa.


Rishikesh, a famous adventure destination invite adventure enthusiast to dip in the lap of nature and relish abundant of adventure activities. The place is also known for its ashrams, yoga institute, sacred temples and more. Cold water of holy river Ganga allows you relish white water rafting. Other adventure sports that you can thrill with include water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, flying fox, cliff jumping and more. Rishikesh is truly a place for people looking for aerial or land sports.


For those who love water sports especially scuba-diving will find the Lakshadweep Island, an ideal destination. Lakshadweep is home to a number of adventure activities. The endless stretch of beaches absolutely sooth your heart and mind. Abundant of adventure activities that you can enjoy in Lakshadweep Island include fishing, angling, scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, parasailing and more.


Paradise on earth, Auli is an ideal destination for different adventure activities including skiing, trekking, cable car, river rafting and more. Camping can be a perfect option to relax and relish roaming around the snow-covered Himalayan views of great Nanda Devi- the second highest peak in Himalayas. These activities in Auli will exhilarate your senses and even you can relish panoramic views of peaks.


Kaziranga is an ideal destination for people keep interest in nature hunt. A visual retreat to eyes, Kaziranga amidst to snow-mountain peaks is an amazing destination for people looking for adventure holiday in nature lap. Among many, Kaziranga is one destination that you can begin with. Kaziranga offer a chance to indulge in thrilling activities like sailing, snorkeling, rock climbing, trekking, paragliding and more. Imperial India Tour offers you wide collection of Kaziranga adventure tour packages for flexibility concerning your choices.

So, pick up any of adventure destination holiday package and get set for a lifetime experience of freedom and relaxation.

India’s Photography Unique Destinations – Preserve Your Memory for Long

Bought a new camera and looking for new places to collect some memories to cherish forever? Incredible India offers abundant of unique destinations and attractions to help you in storing memories forever. Since photography plays crucial role in our travels today, there is no better way to enjoy a memorable trip than heading to India’s photography unique destinations. Photography tours are a wonderful way to augment your trip and add extra fun.

With the availability of many styles of photography tours in India, you can choose from wildlife photography tours to cultural photography tours to tribal photography tours. Since options are varied, you can choose from a single photography tour or mix tour of many destinations to create your trip amazing one. There’s no better time than now to get it out there and capture these incredible places.

Wildlife Photography

If you are wildlife enthusiast, it’s the time to pack your bags and plan for a wildlife photography tour and have first-hand experience. With more than 440 wildlife sanctuaries and 42 tiger reserves and 18 biosphere reserves, India offer a lot to the photographers. It is not possible to explore all, so choose some magnificent national parks and get privilege to click some amazing pictures and videos. If you love scenic beauty, wildlife photography tours will not merely allow you to click amazing pictures but as well facilitate you o learn about wildlife culture and its importance.

Some of the popular destinations in India that you will find amazing for photography include Corbett National Park, Hemis National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Gir National Park, Desert National Park, Rajasthan, Bandhavgarh National Par and more. So, take the camera in hand and step ahead to understand the concept of biodiversity and environment conservation.

Cultural Photography

India is a land of varied culture and religion. Many of destinations offer photographers a chance to click something unique like monuments, historically rich places, festivals, culture or landscapes. If you are looking for such places which offer everything in a nutshell then Varanasi, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Agra, Varanasi, Madurai, Amritsar, Hampi, Kerala, Kolkata and more can be a right choice. With strong religious significance, bright culture, different colors and different traditional ghats, this place can be amazing for photography. The photography tour of Varanasi can easily bring out the photographer in a person and click mesmerizing images of Sadhus, priests and people dipping into the holy water of Ganges. Through cultural photography tours in India, you can learn and acknowledge with its ancient, divine history, unique culture and people.

Environmental Photography

Photography is a vital medium to convey a message strongly and spread awareness. The environment photography tour is specially designed for helping photographers to know the need of changing the environment and furnishing them with knowledge about how to save the world.

If you are looking for environmental photography in India, you can opt a variety of places and regions to click natural beauty spread around in this country.

Cave Photography in India


Cave exploration with your camera can make your India trip truly adventurous. If you keep interests in different types of ancient architecture and history, ensure joining the travel photography tours in Badami. Apart from spectacular scenery, the region as well allows you capture the essence of Indian history and culture. The amazing landscape of this place serves you incredible India tour.

Ajanta Ellora

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ajanta & Ellora Caves contain sculptures and paintings which are considered masterpieces of Buddhist art forms. Located near Jalgaon in Maharashtra, this can be visited with your camera to capture the unbelievable beauty and craftsmanship. The rock cut temples of seventh century is outstanding in itself.

Tabo Caves

The Tabo caves are dug out by hand and hold a spiritual significance. Located in the Spiti Valley near the Tabo Monastery, the Tabo Caves talks about how Buddhist monks used to mediate. The exotic location is perfect environment to learn several photography skills. So, if you are a photography enthusiast, the terrain will definitely enthrall you.

Get out of your house with camera and relish to capture a variety of vivid hues.

Destinations for First Timers to India – Uncover Hidden Treasures of India

Are you planning your trip to India for the first time? No wonder, this amazing country will help you see and experience a mystical paradise. With many iconic cities, India offer wide range of activities commencing from camel safari in desert to houseboat on lush backwaters. The country offers numerous attractions and destinations so that you can experience burning deserts to freezing snow valleys. India has many offbeat locations but if you are visiting for the first time, it is better to twig with the iconic tourist attractions in the country.

Through this blog, we are going to acknowledge you with the top ten tourist destinations for first time traveler in India. These destinations include bizarre activities, prominent sports and enlightened modern city life so that you could not give up anything to relish the amazing India.


Delhi, the capital of India is the hub for every attraction. Placed in northern part of the country, the city offers ample of attractions for different interests of tourists. Major attractions of this place include Lotus temple, Humayun’s tomb, Red Fort and more. Your visit to Delhi will be incomplete without experiencing delicious cuisines, handicraft textiles, Indian art and craft and more.


Agra is world famous for its Mughal architecture. Shah Jahan’s built marble monument, the Taj Mahal in the memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This Seven Wonders of the World was built in 1653 as a final resting place for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This fine marble architecture is fascinating and beautiful encompassing four gates, courtyards, stone edifice and more. This two-story building has a museum with many ancient documents of Mughals.


 Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is popular known as Pink City of India. The city is the hub for culture and history and it is replicated through numerous palaces and unique monuments. Other places in Jaipur that widely appeals first timers include famous sightseeing, Amber fort, Jantar Mantar, shopping, cuisine and more. Some of the world’s best hotels located in Jaipur can make your stay to this destination truly mesmerizing.


Goa – the union, territory with 31 pristine beaches is a popular destination for first timers in India. With splendid climate, Goa offer almost all types of water sports, beach activities and adventure activities to the tourists. If you love night life, Goa is the right place to opt. You can find many casinos, nightclubs and bars to relish. Goa has many old churches and hence it as well appeals pilgrimage tourists from all across the world.


Kerala – one of the beautiful destinations of south India boast pleasing climate and lush vegetation. Some of the mesmerizing attractions of Kerala include the backwater houseboat, spice plantation, hill station, beaches, historic spots, churches, museums, temples and more. Other things that can make your first time Kerala trip special one include ferry ride, water sports, trekking, rafting, Ayurveda massages, cruise, mountain biking, elephant safari, jungle safari, nightlife safari and more. For people with strong believe in ecotourism spots, Kerala can be a right choice from all means.


Kashmir, the Heaven on Earth is renowned for its mesmerizing beauty. With its serene lakes, amazing fruit orchards, lush meadows surrounded with thick woods of pines and deodars, lush green gardens packed with pulsating flowers and enchanting valleys enclosed with snow-covered peak. New Wed couple planning their honeymoon can think about Kashmir. Major attractions that enhance the beauty of Kashmir and captivate your heart and soul forever include Shikara boat ride, Mughal Garden, Gondola ride at Gulmarg, water rafting in Sonmarg, homage pay to Amarnath and more.

Kullu Manali

Kullu & Manali are quaint towns of Himachal Pradesh and one of a renowned honeymoon destination in India. The destination as well appeals adventure travelers for snow activities, accepted scenery and mountain sports. Mountaineering, trekking and skiing are must have activities for adventure seekers. Rafting in the lusty water of the Beas can make your trip truly mesmerizing. Manali has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Ajanta Ellora

Ajanta Ellora caves in Aurangabad do not need any introduction today. They are fine specimens of the rich cultural heritage of ancient India. Thousands of tourists from all across the world flock to the caves to experience the amazing structures and carvings. The grand architecture and carvings are done on the walls of cave showcase the story of Buddhism and Jatakas. The paintings were made with herbal colors and it absolutely makes them more appealing and environment friendly. The caves are popularly known for its monuments of rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments, Hindu rock-cut temples and Jain caves.

So, the beauty of India truly awaits you. Plan your India trip and have good time exploring the stunning places situated here.

Indian Food – Allow You Feel Glimpses of Rich Culinary Cultural of India

India is the paradise for food, boasting many different cuisines. The traditional food of India has always been appreciated for its tremendous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is widely known for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from region to region and hence Indian food can be categorized into North Indian and South Indian for the aim of simplicity. Apart of all these, even other states of India finds great culinary variation.

Renowned for its different variety of dishes, Indian cuisines are available in a large number of restaurants and hotel resorts, which is aromatic of unity in diversity. Wheat, rice and different kind of pulses play key role in enhancing the popularity of Indian food. Contemporarily, Indian pallete has undergone a lot of change. The result of globalization made many Indian travels to different parts of the world and even many people of different nationalities to flock to India. All these have resulted in indianisation of different country cuisines. Many of the metropolitan cities can easily find specialized food combined of international cuisines. Let’s glimpse over different Indian food made available in different regions of India.

Punjabi Food   


The food of Punjab is made available in enormous variety and best suits both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. The Punjabi foods are rich in flavors and include different spice content ranges from minimal to pleasant to high. Food included in Punjabi cuisine boast abundance of milk and milk products, wheat, make ki roti, sarson saag, paratha, rajma chawal and more. Additionally, Punjabis have also created a perfect combination of the northwest cuisine and Mughlai recipes including tandoori chicken and mutton dishes. Punjabi cuisines are easy to get from the Indian restaurants across India and abroad.

Rajasthani Food  

Rajasthani food is primarily vegetarian and offers amazing variety of dishes. The food of Rajasthan includes high spice content in comparison to other Indian cuisines. Most of the Rajasthan foods are made using ghee, milk, buttermilk and clarified butter. Some of the renowned delicacies include gatta ki sabji, pakodi and khata. Bajra and corn flour are used for making chapaties, rabdi and kheechdi. Additional regional flavor to food are given with different spices like coriander, garlic, mint, turmeric and more. Famous Rajasthani dessert that you can have after your food includes sohan halwa, laddoos, rasgullas and more.

Bengali Food

Bengali food is highly appreciated for its wonderful use of panchphoron or five types of spices. Commonly, the specialty of Bengali food lies in the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. The food of Bengal also consists of a lot of fish, lentils and rice. Bengalis also love sweets and hence a large array of milk based sweets originated in Bengal and those include spongy Rosogulla, kala jamun and more. These Bengali sweets are made available in all over India.

Gujarati Food

The traditional Gujarati food is mainly vegetarian and includes high nutrients. Gujarati food has many options and each dish has a completely different cooking style. The Gujarati Thali includes different mouth-watering dishes for different age group. The entire meal include the vegetables and dals and perfect balance of flavors including sweet and sour, salty and spicy, crisp and soft and more. Other renowned Gujarati delicacies are Paunk, undhyoo, kadi, khamam dhokla, shrikhand, doodfi pak and more..

Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri food differs from region to region. However, the cuisines of this place are highly influenced by the traditional food of Kashmiri pundits. The Hindu lives in Jammu and Kashmir eat a staple diet of wheat and beans, rice, millet and locally produced vegetables and fruits, milk and more. The Kashmiri cuisine is essentially meat-based but beef meat is prohibited for Hindus.

South Indian Food

The food of south India is renowned for its light, low calorie and delicious dishes. The staple food of South India is mainly rice based and those include, dosas, vadas, idlis and uttapams and more.

South India cuisines are distinguished by its regional and religious variations. The food of the Malabar Coast is diverse in its use of red chillies, pepper, mutton and beef. Spicy curries with strong flavor of coconut oil, sea fish, mussels and fowl can force you to eat these foods with loved ones. Coffee and tea are prominent choice for the people of South India.

Indian food has a richly earned reputation as one of the world’s great cuisines. Indian food prices differ in terms of different cuisines. Food can even be cheap if you are happy to try the food sold at street stalls in different regions of the country but air-conditioned tourist restaurants will definitely charge little high rates. So, make your trip to India to taste mouth-watering Indian food.

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