India Travel on a Budget – How to Make it Work

Many people around the world dream about visiting India because of its diverse landscapes, different traditions and cultures, spirituality, delicious foods, and so many colors; however, they either postpone the trip or sometimes even drop the idea due to budget constraints.

This blog is for all those travel lovers who want to visit India on a low budget.

India is among the most pocket – friendly travel destinations in the world. It is possible to explore the beauty, art, culture, heritage, traditions, architecture, and cuisines of the country on a low budget. Imperial India has designed budget tour packages for our guests who want to relish the joys in India at affordable prices.

Here, we are presenting a few tips and tricks to manage your funds while enjoying the views of incredible India.

Rooms and accommodation are of great value in India.
At budget prices, you can easily find hotels that offer a clean, simple room. It may or may not include a private bathroom and complimentary breakfast.
At mid-range prices, several amenities are offered by the hotels. They provide a spotless room with a clean private bathroom, air-conditioner, television, refrigerator, and sometimes a room heater. Some hotels may have a pool, garden, and lovely views to spend enjoyable mornings and evenings.
With our best tour packages in India, you will not have to worry about rooms or accommodation because we serve according to our guest’s budget range and requirements.

Luxury Hotels

India is one of the few countries in the world with a rich culinary history presenting flavourful curries, mouth-watering dishes, soft bread, and delicious desserts. Fortunately, it is also effortless to have a bellyful meal at extremely reasonable prices in India.
In all the best Indian tour packages, hotels generally provide complimentary breakfasts to the guests. So, you only have to manage for lunch and dinner.
For lunch and dinner meals, it’s better to go with the Indian food options. You can have a veg thali or curry, rice, and roti at a reasonable price anywhere in India except for very fancy restaurants or tourist places. Try to order at places where the locals eat.
Ordering a pizza or burger means that you are doubling or even tripling your food pricing. So, try to avoid ordering western fast food options as much as you can.

Indian food

Other than Indian food, you can also get a decent Indianized Chinese meal almost anywhere in India at economical prices.
If you want to go cheaper than this, you can always have the alternative of street food with numerous food options like Indian snacks or Chinese food at extremely low prices, although it’s mostly deep-fried and unhealthy.

Several transportation means are available for both long-distance and short-distance travel.
Let’s talk about long-distance travel first. The trains are the best economical means to travel for long-distance journeys. Indian Railways manage a pervasive rail network system in India. If your budget is too restrictive, then you should book a sleeper class ticket rather than an A/C class ticket.
However, if you are a comfort traveler, then you can buy the best available A/C class train ticket, or you can book a domestic flight ticket.

For shorter distances, the cheapest way to travel is via a local bus. You can also use a rickshaw instead of a taxi on a low budget. In some places, the options of renting a scooter, bike, or car are also available. You can always try that!
However, the most convenient way to explore the country is by having a car and a driver. It is the best option to travel with your family or in a group because it will significantly reduce the travel cost per person.
To get more information, you can check out our family holiday packages in India or the best tour packages for groups in India.

We all love to shop at new places and try to grab new and unique things. But we know that shopping can easily hamper our budget calculations.
So, our first advice for budget shopping is to try street and local markets in India. You can get some fantastic stuff at extremely reasonable prices. Try to avoid shopping malls, big stores at the airport, and shops at tourist places as they will charge you more for the same stuff.
Some of the best street and local markets in India are Sarojini Market and Janpath in Delhi, Bapu Bazar in Jaipur, New Market in Kolkata, Commercial Street in Bengaluru, and Fashion street in Mumbai, etc.

Attractions and Sightseeing
There is a differential entrance fee to Indian and foreign tourists for visiting most monuments like Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, etc. in India. So, you will have to consider the entrance fee charges for sightseeing in your budget numbers.
It is highly likely that you will spend more sightseeing charges in North India than in South India. Usually, there is no entrance fee for visiting temples, mosques, churches, and gurudwaras in India. However, for visiting various forts, palaces, museums, and monuments present in Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, etc., you will have to pay some charges. You can check India tour packages for more information.

Some Other Tips
– Do your laundry: It is better to wash your clothes yourself as the laundry rates in India are almost as high as some countries in Europe.

– Do not shy from bargaining for better prices almost everywhere you visit in India.

– Tipping is not mandatory in India. But, you can tip if you are pleased with the service.

A budget tour in India is possible with several packages. It is an easy, reliable, and relaxing way to explore the uniqueness and diversity of India.
Imperial India Tours provides the best holiday packages in India for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. You can visit our website for more information.

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