India Travel on a Budget – How to Make it Work

Many people around the world dream about visiting India because of its diverse landscapes, different traditions and cultures, spirituality, delicious foods, and so many colors; however, they either postpone the trip or sometimes even drop the idea due to budget constraints.

This blog is for all those travel lovers who want to visit India on a low budget.

India is among the most pocket – friendly travel destinations in the world. It is possible to explore the beauty, art, culture, Read More

Cultural Destinations in India

Want to discover iconic colours of India? Place your feet on the land of unrivalled natural landscapes, man-made wonders, and iconic religious beliefs. The cultural wealth of India is simply exceptional. The culture cities of India are reflected in its art and architecture, relatively dominant in its vibrant temples and places.
For centuries, India has fascinated the world with its rich history and tradition added with the sheer existence of many languages and cultures within the country. Culturally inclined traveller can look with awe at the sculptures of Khajuraho or appreciate the culinary delights of Kolkata. Also the north-western state of Rajasthan is offering well-preserved cultural experiences. Delhi, the city is a tender pot of India’s different religions and culture and is home to several world heritage sites like Red Fort. Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and more.

Hampi, a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses many temples and ruins and appeal tourists to explore the history of the place. The annual Hampi cultural festival is a major attraction for the tourists touring the city. Madurai is a major cultural hub of south India. Bodhgaya, dotted with Buddhist temples and monasteries is a protected natural and cultural heritage. Pilgrims and tourists alike visit the place to know its religious significance.

Varanasi, the oldest cities in the world holds great cultural gravity and considered as the land of soul’s liberation. This city holds great position in Hindu religion and is often referred as the gateway to heaven. The main attractions of the city include the Ganga, the holiest river, wonderful ghats and amazing Aarti performance every evening.

These cultural destinations in India strongly rooted with history and offering canned cultural experiences. Step inside the amiable land of India as we at Imperial India takes you on cultural Destinations in India Tour.