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The colorful & vibrant markets of Jaipur will attract you and can make you go crazy. These markets show how colorful Rajasthan really is.  It is awe wonderful and attracts thousands of tourists around the world. When we travel somewhere the only thing we return with us are those memories that is captured in the photograph and souvenir that we buy from that place and makes us remember that place again and over again. When we see that picture again that picture will not change and it holds our life time experience and unforgettable memories with us. When it comes to the shopping part you have a lot many options to shop from. All the markets are very famous but the five colorful markets also known as “Bazaars” will melt your heart and serves you the amazing things and will make your journey to Jaipur complete, you cannot return home without shopping.  My trip to Jaipur is awe wonderful it is really mind blowing. Every time I travel it makes me believe that yes I exist and shopping makes me feel so happy.

The Jaipur market is divided into two parts Choti Chopad and Badi Chopad. This colorful market area is located in 3 Kms to 4 Kms area.

Johari Bazaar

Johari the word Johari means “a person who makes jewelry “in Rajasthan Jewelers are known as Johari. The Johari bazaar is full of Jewelers. You can see a lot of Jewelry shops here. This is the oldest bazaar in Jaipur and the most popular bazaar you can’t return home without shopping from here. This is colorful & vibrant market is located next to Bapu bazaar on Amber road. It is famous for its jewelry and ornaments especially diamond jewelry and Kundan ornaments are the specialty of this market.  Lehariya cloth which is the traditional cloth of Rajasthan you can buy Lehariya sarees and Lehariya turbans (safa) which is traditional cloth of Rajasthan from here. The market is full of everything. Rajasthani designer footwear, Lehariya sarees, Lehariya safa and everything.

There is only one rule of shopping in this market bargain bargain and bargain. If you are smart enough you can bring everything home! A sweet advice for you if you are new and tourist in Jaipur don’t trust everyone at the time of buying expensive jewelry. There are some fake shops too which sells you fraud things and make you fool so be aware. The shopkeepers are very friendly and polite here so you can do a lot of bargaining. Everything is available here from a small needle to anything that is used in our daily life. The walls of this market are painted with pink color which adds a bountiful charm in the market. You have so many options to shop from.  A walk around this market will get you know why Jaipur is known as Pink city of India. Not only shopping the streets of Johari Bazaar serves the most delicious ad mouth watering food. There are so many stalls all around in the markets and there are few small restaurants too which serves amazing food. You can have pyaj Ki kachori, samosa, chilla, tikkka, chops, paratha and the one every girls all time crave for the famous gol Gappas (water balls). Not only girls but boys too are crazy for it in Jaipur. It is the most popular street food throughout India.

Tripolia Bazaar


This market is famous for its handicrafts items and the antiques that are well liked by everyone around the world.  It is the second trendiest bazaar in Jaipur. If you want to compare this market will be compared a little with the Janpath market in New Delhi. This is because this market is full of handicrafts that are highly admired by all.  You can shop from here a lot for your home. It is located near Manak Chowk and Choti Chopad and it is close to City Palace. You can look for the precious stones & a lot many things more. You must visit this market if you want to buy iron, stainless steel utensils and brass utensils.

Chandpol Bazaar

This market is the hub of markets it is the main market of Jaipur. This is the place from where Rajasthan market starts from. Rajasthani people are god gifted with art in their veins.  Here you will find the art and creativity of Rajasthan. This market is full of painters and marble workers.

Krishanpol Bazaar

Krishanpol market is the majestic furniture market of Jaipur. And the famous Lehariya cloth is made here. This market will make women go crazy. As this market is so colorful market. You cannot compare this market with any market. It will give you the real feel that yes you are Jaipur.

Sireh Deroi Bazaar

This market is located in Choti Chopad and is close to Hawa Mahal. And it is loved by all the tourists around the world.  This market is famous handicrafts and puppets.  Puppets are made with wood and decorated in Rajasthani style and in evening you can enjoy puppet show. This market is full of creative people. It is full of puppets, leather shoes, knick knacks and colorful textiles.


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